Late in 2012 Au8 decided to be Au8,  After That nobody thinks Au8 is might will be a multitude company with lot of prudential products but Now Au8 Has 5 Subdivisions
GU8, games since 2014
BU8, books since 2013
MU8, movies since 2016
DU8,  design since 2015
RU8, record label since 2013

After this we can see lot of things,  for this problem
Au8 has combination the company to some peoples And He Says officialy
IM Only Ceo Of BU8 And GU8
RU8 Now Has New Ceo “Tilman herberger”
MU8 Ceo is with a partnership with 70% for GJ
And Du8 Is For Mrs vita vlonce
June 14, 2016