Au8 new album “KNOW-ALL” is out now! after years of poor solo career au8 backs with 17 powerful songs in an amazing title KNOW-ALL!

I AM honored to say my new album after 3 years is available now and you can download and listen it everywhere around the web for free.

im so delighted to share this work for free with all my fans around the world. also soon i will share informations about my upcoming events and tour in europe us and asia.

KNOW-ALL Album Tracklist

  1. IntroVERT
  2. Cry On The Birthday
  3. Crispy
  4. Family Anondon
  5. The KNOW-ALL Eritude
  6. Male Or Female
  7. Not Belonging
  8. Sissy Boy
  9. Naked
  10. The KNOW-ALL Oracle
  11. The Alien Of City
  12. They Are Alive
  13. Dummy
  14. The KNOW-ALL Sapient
  15. They Had Nothing Special
  16. Super Bad Partner
  17. Night Empire

2 Tracks “The Alien Of City” & “IntroVert” Were KNOW-ALL Debut Singles

Au8 Officialy Is Now CAlled  By his official name too “DOMINIK VOGEL”

KNOW-ALL is portrait of au8’s personal life.

being introvert, cruelty toward animals and veganism, imigration and

family deviants, sexual identity confusion and being gay, doing and being different from the rest,aliens, youth, see nothing in people and hate toward soceity, relationships and night club

They were all things you can perceive from au8’s latest album

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