au8 is here with his long awaited tour of his highly listened album KNOW-ALL with suprise shows! First day just ended and people shocked with stunning start! At first he was supporting rammstein on playing Two pf their popular songs as a guitatist with till lindemann and paul landers and then he performed his unique songs on KNOW-ALL.  Its obvious that now in 2017 and 8 years since au8 first solo career album Looser,  Know-all Is au8 most listened and most praised album till date, he tried a lot to give back his reputation and now he is happy to see people adore him as much as 2009-2011 era. He will continue suprising people will KNOW-ALL till the end of 2018! (completely supported!) while liftruck era only longed for 6 months. KNOW-ALL released in may 17, 2017 and within 50 days of release we experienced 3 concerts, 3 TV host shows, 2 debut singles and 2 music videos! Thats lot of work even though for au8 because he was quite intact in past few years, (nothing particular in 2016).


  1. Mann gegan mann (performed with till lindemann)
  2. Benzin (per with paul landers and till lindemann) 
  3. Family Abondon
  5. Sissy Boy 
  6. The Alien Of City 
  7. They Had Nothing Special
  8. Dummy (feat gooriljoon) 
  9. Night Empire
  10. Naked

Total time performed: 80 minutes. Münich. June 28, 2017 7:20 pm

Next show: germany (berlin) jul 1, 2017

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