We released one of gu8 gretest titles Dismount On Winter 2016 and the following year,  Dismount 2 labled as most disappointing game of the year.

We decided to go one step further with releasing a new standalone dlc with unreleased contents of unfinished work of Dismount 2 but our fans deserve better than just a crappy game.

We received so many critics about our work with dismount 2 and the entire series and now we decide to rest the franchise and focus on new titles and new games.

We are greatly appreciated fans for supporting dismount series to achive over 30 million copies all around the world in 1 year.

And were trying to create more soul sequels to dismount with better story and latest tech in current and next generation consoles but now were working on LBF:UNREMEMBERED, XS2 & FOREST for releasing in period of 16 months from now.

And at the end Dismount Franchise will stop by now and we will shut down the servers and delete the original games from PlayStation Store by July 6.