Now we can call this album a legend with many hits but, the distinguished one from 17 tracks is obviously The Alien Of City . 

First promoted in Au8 Victicism On Virtual Potential (Latest Book Released In 2016) and then in December 2016 Au8 confirmed KNOW-ALL running for may 2017 with 2 debut singles and of course the first one of them was The Alien Of city. 

 Released just one month away to Original album release date and hitted charts for almost 11 Weeks as Top 10 Billboard USA.

He never achieved so much triumph as this song in his previous albums.

While The Alien Of City Received Platinum Lable in Jul 26, 2017 there is 80% chance to receive the lable as well

Cry On The Birthday

They Had Nothing Special 

Super Bad Partner

Night Empire 

We can expect the whole album to go platinum till August 2018.